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ecotopia dance productions: Repertoire Batsheva Dance Company - Project 5



PROJECT5 (2008) is a chamber evening composed by Ohad Naharin for 5 female dancers, comprised of 6 segments ľ 5 dance pieces and a video interlude.

The pieces include Naharin's b/olero(2008), set to the electronic version of Ravel's BolÚro , created by pioneering Japanese composer and synthesizer expert Isao Tomita.

Other pieces are Park, a trio from his rarely-seen Moshe (1999), George & Zalman, a quintet to the music of Arvo Pńrt and text by Charles Bukowski, originally created for the Batsheva Ensemble (2006), and the classic Black Milk (1985), seen mostly in the male version and now set anew to the female cast.
Specially for the touring in Europe a new solo created by Ohad Naharin or Sharon Eyal will be added.

From the press:
Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz, November 3, 2008

PROJECT5 by Ohad Naharin with Batsheva Dance Company is an artistic celebration of the rare kind. To the familiar music of Ravel's BolÚro, with all its numerous choreographic versions, Ohad Naharin created a surprising duet, luminous in its clarity. The unisono breaks down into a counterpoint into yet again a unisono. Movement gathers strength in a crescendo and then suddenly gathers up to a sudden stop. The dancers' performance is spectacular.

Exercising total freedom, throughout the entire evening Naharin dismantles all frameworks or concepts. His solutions are fresh, bold in their simplicity, and utterly deep, authentic and astonishing. Each piece in this evening is a distinctive experience.

The program concludes with Black Milk, which I have seen several times in the past performed both by men and women. It is a ceremonial piece celebrating female strength. The performance of this piece, as well as the other ones, is wondrous. These young dancers are revealed as genuine artists as you behold the sensitivity, inward-look, absorption and restraint they exercise simultaneously with the explosive energy emanating from their bodies.

It is against the background of simple lighting, a bare stage and simple costumes, that this pure dance glows with its special movement language and the quality of performance, glowing with great beauty.

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