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"Both in "Björk Duets" and in the premiere of "Seasons" [Eric Gauthier] succeeds in creating haunting emotional spaces through dance. Despite the seriousness, there is no lack of Gauthier’s signature-style humour. ... Humour and entertainment thankfully remain the hallmarks of Gauthier Dance.”
Claudia Gass, Stuttgarter Zeitung 12.3.2009

“... they are a joy to watch in the sold-out Theaterhaus; they keep the excitement of the two-hour journey into recent dance history going until the last minute. In Seasons, [Eric Gauthier] enters an intensive dialogue with himself, his dancers and the music. Full of atmosphere, it is a piece about the very people it moves. It is a piece that breathes. Like every year, it ends with resolutions. Which leaves us to say: keep going!“
Andrea Kachelriess, Stuttgarter Nachrichten 12.3.2009

“Following Six Pack and High Five, now there is Four Play: Gauthier Dance is not even two years old, and everything falls into place for the company around Eric Gauthier. Resident at the Theaterhaus, the ensemble established itself overnight and now presents its third production with Four Play. The rapturous response by the dance aficionados at the premiere is not just down to darling Gauthier, former soloist at the Stuttgart Ballet, but also the six brilliant dancers, each a personality her- or himself, who all pull together to sound out the depths of contemporary dance.“
Claudia Ihlefeld, Heilbronner Stimme 12.3.2009

“The stirring miniatures (Björk Duets) translate three songs by Icelandic pop singer Björk into delicate little vignettes — an imaginative and dense choreography full of charm and ironical references. This kind of ballet is fun!”
Angela Reinhard, tanznetz.de 12.3.2009

Who would have thought that an independent ensemble could be firmly established in town alongside the Stuttgart Ballet? If you look at it this way, a new Stuttgart dance miracle could be proclaimed, and new audiences finding access to this art form can be witnessed!
Der Neue Merker, Wien 12.3.2009

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