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'Splendid dancers, highly appealing, particularly gifted'
(The New York Times)

Nederlands Dans Theater 2 was founded in 1978. In its more than 30 years of existence, it has developed into a top quality, internationally recognized company performing in theaters all over the world; Spain, Czech.-Republic, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, France, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Dutch Antilles.
Nederlands Dans Theater 2 consists of 16 dancers between the age of 17 and 22, all of whom completed a classical ballet training. Dancers are recruited from all over the world.
The initial aim with Nederlands Dans Theater 2 was to 'feed' the main company (Nederlands Dans Theater 1) with its young dancers. It served as bridge-period to mature the freshly graduated dancers from the various classical conservatories and schools and prepare them for a professional dance career.
Today over 70% of the dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater 1 started their career in Nederlands Dans Theater 2.

The repertoire of Nederlands Dans Theater 2 is quite varied working with established choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Hans van Manen, Ohad Naharin, Paul Lightfoot/Sol León and Johan Inger, but also more importantly working with young and upcoming choreographers.
Over the past few years Nederlands Dans Theater 2 has developed into a company of today. Working closely with young choreographers and confronted by different choreographic styles and techniques has given these young dancers the opportunity to react closely on contemporary developments in music and art of the 1990's. These talented young dancers are able to mirror the realities of today and incorporate these elements into new productions as a kind of Zeitgeist of the 21st century. Nederlands Dans Theater 2 especially aims to interest and excite young audiences for today's dance.

New York Times: 'this ensemble's visit revealed new directions. NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER 2' s current crop of dancers are highly appealing and particularly gifted.'
Le Quotidien: 'The Juniors already have their own, significant style, full of vigor, extraordinary flexibility and exceptional passion. The group impresses by strength, cogency and talent.'

Le Figaro: 'NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER 2 already possess the feline flexibility and the capable technique of NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER.'
Südwest Presse: 'What the NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER 2 presented here - apart from that they are hardly second of the main company - is that consequent, stylistic development of pure ballet.'

Kölnische Rundschau: 'Excellent troupe.'

New Zealand Evening Post: 'NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER 2, a youthful company of splendidly disciplined dancers with great clarity in their impeccably staged works'

Fernando Hernando Magadan
Artistic Leader NDT 2

Paul Lightfoot
Artistic Director Nederlands Dans Theater

Paul Lightfoot (1966, Kingsley, England) trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. In 1985 he joined Nederlands Dans Theater 2 and two years later the dancer moved on to Nederlands Dans Theater 1, where he was vital to the image of this company. During his dance career he also took up choreography. His talent for which stood out in 1988, during the annual workshop of Nederlands Dans Theater. After this workshop he created The Bard of Avon for Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (1989), the first of many pieces for Nederlands Dans Theater 1 as well as Nederlands Dans Theater 2, and also for Nederlands Dans Theater 3 at the time. His choreographies were made in close collaboration with Sol León: an alliance which started in 1989 and continues to this date. In August 2002 they were appointed resident choreographers of Nederlands Dans Theater and became renowned choreographers. To date, León and Lightfoot have created over 40 choreographies for the company, for which they received many dance awards and are performed around the world.
In 2007 Sol León and Paul Lightfoot started a charity project for street children in Bangladesh.

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