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ecotopia dance productions: Biographien K.Kvarnström & Co



”For me choreography is finding the musicality in the movements. If choreography was a band the dancer would be the singer, actually the whole orchestra working together and constantly changing instruments and vocals.
357 steps, 16 short stories re-edited, 37 combinations, trust and control are all intertwined into the choreography.
I’m not interested in choreographing a storyline, I like to capture the unknown, work with the subconsious. To find my own way of poetry in motion. To quote the painter Francis Bacon: After all, if you could explain it, why would you go to the trouble of painting it. I guess the same goes for me… if I could explain it, I would not be dancing…”

The goal is to work with talent in different forms. The best dancers you can find, wizards in light- and set design, creative fashion designers and composers of magic, dedicated technicians. People whose technical skill and personality have inspired the overall energy of the company’s creations."
Kenneth Kvarnström

ecotopia dance productions: Biographien K.Kvarnström & Co Kenneth Kvarnström

Kenneth Kvarnström has been working in the field of dance since1990, mainly with his own company K. Kvarnström & Co. His works have toured in most European countries and also in Africa, Israel, Japan, Latin America and the US.
In 2003 Kenneth decided to stop choreographing for 6 years and became the director of the House of Dance in Stockholm, a guest performance venue.
In 2008 he started to work as a choreographer with his own company and doing comission works for others. The same year he was appointed Professor of the Arts by the Finnish government.
During 2010-12 he worked as a house choreographer with Helsinki Dance Company.
From 2014 the company works in a new structure at the ”City Theatre of Stockholm” creating 2 new works a year, performing and touring.

1984-87 Ballet academy professional school, Sweden
1987 Founded his own company: K. Kvarnström & Co
1993-94 Professor in choreography at Theatre Academy´s Department of Dance, Finland
1996-97 Artistic Director for the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company, Finland
2004-07 Artistic & General Director for The House of Dance, Sweden
2008- Freelance choreographer
2008-13 Professor of the Arts, Finland 2008-13
2010-12 House choreograper for Helsinki Dance Company, Finland
2001- In charge of dance at “Culturehouse and City theatre of Stockholm”

Major productions 1990-2014 by K.Kvarnström & Co:

1990 Exhibo
1991 ... that was all I wanted, so I stuck my finger in his eye...
1992 Voyeur
1993 Digger Dog
neste by Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company
1994 Verienkeli by Finnish National Ballet
1995 .... and the angels began to scream.
1996 no-no, by Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company
1997 No3 by Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company
108 dB by Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company
1999 325,4 kg
2000 Splitvision
NaClH2O by Cullbergballet
2001 Fragile
2002 Feel my breath
2003 Blind Me
2008 no-no by Helsinki Dance Company (revival)
OreloB by Gothenburg Ballet
Destruction Song
2009 Hohto/Shine by Finnish National Ballet
Mercury by Sydney Dance Company
2010 XPSD co-production: K. Kvarnström & Co and Helsinki Dance Company
no-no by Skånes Dansteater (revival)
2011 YOUMAKEME co-production: K. Kvarnström & Co and Helsinki Dance Company
(play) co-production: K. Kvarnström & Co, Helsinki Dance Company and NorrlandsOperan
2012 (re)use by Helsinki Dance Company
come back (to me)
2013 sofa(r) together with the musician Jonas Nordberg
DOUBLEtake co-production K. Kvarnström & Co and Skånes Dansteater

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