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‘Counting only two years of existence, the ‘Sao Paulo Companhia de Dança’ is at the top of any list as the best Latin American dancing group. Showing a rare combination of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance, the 43 ballet dancers have suddenly inflamed a scene that, not long ago, was quite tepid in the country.’
Peter Rosenwald | Bravo! | September 2010

‘Although it’s common practice in the Classical Dance, the re-assembly of the performances requires precision and rigour. There are rare projects in the country which adapt the ballet with responsibility and at the same time give it an identity. Such is the case of ‘Sao Paulo Companhia de Dança’.
Elisa Parente | O Povo Online | October 2010

‘And now there is the ‘São Paulo Companhia de Dança’ which is two years old and intends to be a Classical Company. I was truly impressed with all their structure, all very good, they’re bound for success.’
Ana Botafogo | Correio Braziliense | November 2010

‘Founded three years ago, directed by Iracity Cardoso and Inês Bogéa, the SPCD is consolidating itself as one of the main Brazilian ballet companies (…) the group gathers a repertoire that swifts from classical to contemporary, alternating re-assembly of famous pieces, such as ‘Serenade’ (1935), by George Balanchine, with choreographies specially made for the company.’
Suzana Velasco | O Globo | 30th January 2011

‘Watching such a variety of performances in one night by the same group seems implausible. However, SPCD makes it possible (…) The Company, without a resident choreographer, is challenged to adapt itself to the suggestions of the invited choreographers including classical and modern pieces in their repertoire.’
Flávia Couto | Folha de São Paulo | 1st April 2011

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