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The Balé da Cidade de São Paulo [São Paulo City Ballet] was created on the 7th of February 1968 under
the name Corpo de Baile Municipal. Initially intended to accompany operas at the Theatro Municipal and perform works from a classical repertoire, Johnny Franklin was the first artistic director.
Directed by Antonio Carlos Cardoso, in 1974 the group made the decision to become a contemporary
dance company, an identity it has maintained until today, becoming a major presence on the South American
dance scene and leaving their mark by innovating the language and presenting a finely-tuned cast to the
On September 25, 1981, the group was renamed Balé da Cidade de São Paulo.

Experimentation was a major featureof the company’s trajectory In the 1980s. Dancers were encouraged to contribute their own choreographic ideas resulting in outstandingly progressive works.
The company gained international recognition and success with their participation in the Lyon Dance Biennial, France, in 1996. Since then, their European tours have been acclaimed both by dance critics and by audiences at all of the great theaters where they have performed, consolidating their place in the global dance scene.

Since 2001, Balé da Cidade de São Paulo has extended its activities to include audience training programs and parallel cultural projects, mainly in educational events around the city of São Paulo, sharing their artistic heritage
with the city’s population.
The longevity of Balé da Cidade de São Paulo , has resulted from the rigor and technical standards of its cast and artistic team, attracting leading Brazilian and international choreographers interested in creating works for their dancers and artists.
The broad range of their achievements demonstrates the importance of their contribution to the culture of the city of São Paulo, consistently producing quality artistic works for the city’s population.

Alejandro Ahmed
artistic director since summer 2023

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