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It is funny, entertaining, thought-provoking and utterly individual. Shaun Parker is at the heart of it as director, writer, designer, choreographer and performer.
Sydney Morning Herald

Few productions manage this level of post-modern depth while remaining approachable as solid, hysterical entertainment. Blue Love is a circus of the heart with a trampoline for the brain - a real gem of theatre anywhere. The Straits Times,

It’s dance, it’s film, it’s satire, it’s absurdist – a zephyr of cool cleverness…Shaun Parker is a creative force to be reckoned with.
The Advertiser

Shaun Parker’s ‘dance’ hit is so cutting –edge it actually wanders off the edge of any single-word definition. It’s a tight package of snappy acting, super–smooth relevant dancing and a fat dose of funny…an inspiring, heart wrenching journey that turns an hour into a long exciting moment. Parker is a genius. The Daily

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