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(…) Intermezzo – lasting little more than a quarter of an hour – is performed by four couples of dancers to the melodious and hypnotic notes of the Russian master’s Suite Italienne. A cadeau which, despite its brevity, even by itself would be worth the cost of the ticket (…) once again it makes it possible to appreciate the extraordinary technical and stylistic expertise of the young dances…
Enzo Fragassi, www.myword.it, 1 June 2012

(…) four couples overlap forming as many pas de deux (…). Although the plot is based on a precarious balance everything is harmonious and quiet. (…) The dance works against the force of gravity. Bodies crave to be lifted from the ground; feet are confused with hands.
Giulia Bassi – Gazzetta di Reggio, 3 June 2012

(…) Bigonzetti pushes his dancers to the limits of their physical potential. Pointes are used to extend the body to extremes. The final duets and octets begin with matching hand gestures: two palms come close, like a reflection in a mirror, then separate according to dynamics and dispositions. Bigonzetti follows and gives emphasis to the music with his taste for poses standing out in space.
Francesca Pedroni – IL MANIFESTO, 2 June 2012

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